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Título: The Estação Shopping Mall in Itaipava
Autores: Gazzaneo, Luiz Manoel
Palavras-chave: ARQUITETURA
Editora: Edições Universitárias Lusófonas
Resumo: The Estação Shopping Mall was built at the site of the old Itaipava Railway Station and represents a strong point of offering of choice and leisure in the rich district of Petropolitano. It was built in the first decade of this century, and opened in December 2006. It exerts a central role in the district, not only for its architecture, where we have the forms and functionality of contemporary, but also because of the aspects that remind us to the old train station, as well as the functionality and diversity options. The ground forms a “swivel”, a roundabout on Union and Industry Road by providing two access levels. The building has two levels and external accesses by each of these levels: the level of Union and Industry Road - 1st floor level and the area above the terrain. The land has an area of 11,270.00 m2, and an occupancy rate of 75.43%, the occupied area is 8,501.59 m2 and the open area in the ground level is 4,751.41 m2, the building area is 14,336.22 m2 with 105 stores, divided in an area of 781,763 m2 in the Union and Industry level and an area of 651,859 m2 on the ground level. The building has 281 parking spaces - 83 covered in the Union and Industry Road and 198 open on the ground level; water reservoirs have a total capacity of 153,000 liters and Basic Leasing Area of 7,150.00 m2, it have several restrooms with a total of 69 toilets . Also have a flow of vehicles of 17,879 /month (media) and a flow of 71,000 persons/month, public of classes A and B. The Estação Shopping Mall has two anchor stores at Union and industry level, two anchor stores at ground level, 33 shops at the Union and Industry level, 70 shops on the ground level, the possibility of up to twelve (12) feed operations with 100 outdoor seating in the main squares. The anchor stores are Planeta Corpus Fitness and Lojas Americanas in the Union and Industry level. And two cinemas at the ground level, semi-anchors are Vagão Beer Food, Richards, Bank of Brazil, Santander Bank, the satellites shops are Kopenhagen, Osklen, Mr.Cat, Claro, Bob's, Chez Michou, Datelli, Wollner, Sorvete Brasil, Mio, Tableware, Feet Foot, Kevingston, Ary Delicatessen, Imaginarium, among others. The mall has 2 escalators, 1 panoramic elevator, 2 lakes, a skylight all over the upper main floor, Central Monitoring, Air Conditioning - 6 machines, and ambient music with exclusive programming. The Itaipava Mall now represents a new option for living and recreation not only for the people of the 3rd district of Petropolis but also to the nearby 2nd District - Cascatinha, and the 4th District Pedro do Rio. Around the shopping mall there are some commercial establishments and residential class “A”. It is a new benchmark not only for the options to shop, but also for the leisure activities.
Descrição: Revista Lusófona de Arquitectura e Educação
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/6497
ISSN: 1646-6756
Aparece nas colecções:Revista Lusófona de Arquitectura e Educação nº 08-09 (2013)

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