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Título: Reported Use of Anabolic Steroids and Ergogenic Substances in Gym/Health Club Settings: Associations with Psychosocial and Exercise Behavior Factors
Autores: Palmeira, António Labisa
Rocha, M.
Matos, M. G.
Resumo: The industry of ergogenic supplements is increasing rapidly (Cole et al., 2003). Supplements may constitute an important aid for some vigourous exercise routines, but they may also be used as a hypothetical mean to achieve increases in muscular mass. This supposed effect of suplements can lead to its use by individuals who have high levels of drive for muscularity, a condition that is known to be associated with muscular dismorphy (or as it has been called recently vigorexia, Pope et al., 1997). Another psychological factor which can influence supplement consumption is exercise dependence, a borderline problem, as most studies present a prevalence of less than 10% in regular exercisers (Palmeira & Matos, 2006). Symptoms like tolerance or continuity could lead to the use of ergogenic aids to maintain the exercise levels. Also of interest for the understanding of the use of suplements are exercise frequency, volume and intensity, which could explain the ratesof consumption on a more physicological level.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/514
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