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Título: Predictors of Successful Weight Control: Cross-Cultural Moderators of Treatment Outcomes
Autores: Sardinha, Luís B.
Teixeira, Pedro J.
Going, Scott B.
Tomás, Rita
Carraça, Eliana Cristina Veiga, orient.
Silva, Marlene N.
Palmeira, António Labisa
Lohman, Timothy G.
Resumo: Given the heterogeneity of effect sizes within the population for any treatment, identifying moderators of outcomes is critical [1]. In weight management programs, there is a high individual variability in terms of weight loss and an overall modest success [2]. Some people will adopt and sustain attitudes and behaviors associated with weight loss, while others won’t [3]. To predict weight loss outcome just from the subject’s baseline information would be very valuable [4,5]. It would allow to: - Better match between treatments and individuals - Identify the participants with less probability of success (or potential dropouts) in a given treatment and direct them to alternative therapies - Target limited resources to those most likely to succeed - Increase cost-effectiveness and improve success rates of the programs Few studies have been dedicated to describe baseline predictors of treatment success. The Healthy Weight for Life (USA) study is one of the few. Its findings are now being cross-validated in Portuguese samples. This paper describes these cross-cultural comparisons.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/510
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