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Título: Drivers and barriers to digital television adoption in Portugal: the perspectives of the TV viewers and other main stakeholders
Autores: Quico, Célia
Damásio, Manuel José
Henriques, Sara
Veríssimo, Iolanda
Resumo: To understand what are the most significant factors for digital TV adoption by the Portuguese population in the switchover context is the main goal of the research project here presented. In April 26, 2012, the analogue terrestrial television switchoff is planned to occur in Portugal, according to the schedule published by the national telecommunication regulator Anacom. Digital terrestrial TV was launched in the country in April 2009, making Portugal one of the countries with a more ambitious schedule – or risky, depending on the perspective - for the full transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television. In this paper we will start by presenting the research project’s objectives, theoretical framework and research design. Next, we will present first results of the project focused on the barriers and drivers to digital TV adoption from two of the empirical studies which integrate it, namely, the quantitative inquiry administered to a representative sample of the Portuguese population and interviews with main stakeholders in the area of digital TV in Portugal. The perspectives of the television viewers are compared with other main stakeholders in this process. The paper will be concluded with a brief discussion of these results and a brief enumeration of next steps for the project.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/2931
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