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Título: NATO Mission Iraq - Advisor Handbook
Outros títulos: Building safety and security together
Autores: Ziino, Tiziano
Reis, João Carlos Gonçalves dos
Palavras-chave: CIÊNCIA POLÍTICA
Editora: NATO
Citação: Zinno, T., Reis, J. (2022). NATO Mission Iraq - Advisor Handbook. NATO
Resumo: Advising tasks cover a wide range of subjects. Therefore, the purpose of this Handbook is to provide a holistic view on NATO Mission Iraq’s (NMI) advisory. In preparing the Handbook, we faced two challenges: (1) to present a guide with generic information that would be useful for new advisors; and (2) to include as much detailed information that would be also useful to senior advisors. Keeping in mind that it is difficult to explain the NMI advisory mission in detail in only a few pages, this first version is comprehensive and therefore provides a holistic view of the mission. The Handbook is designed to be pocket-size, easy to use and understand, as well as suitable for a large audience. The Advisor Handbook 1.0 assists in every stage of advising, starting from the preparation before arriving in the theatre of operations, helping on the job and support in all manners linked to the advising area in general. This Handbook consists of five chapters. Chapter 1 presents an overview of the NMI (i.e., purpose, objectives, and key values). Chapter 2 focuses on the general external context, namely the history, politics, culture, and society of Iraq. Chapter 3 presents a short overview of the content of the advisory plan, which is the overall document leading the advisors work in NMI. Chapter 4 refers to the organization and pillars of the NMI, namely MAD (Ministerial Advisory Division), PSE (Professional Security Education), TDD (Training Development Division) and SCRO (Strategic Communication􏰒 Representation and Outreach). Finally, Chapter 5 focuses on the processes used for NMI advisor interactions. The handbook concludes with some closing comments and suggestions for further reading.
Descrição: eBook
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/13099
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