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Título: Sustainability and humanity : in search for harmonized disruptions
Autores: Raposo, Maria Albertina Amantes
Santos, Isabel Abreu dos
Vasconcelos, Lia Maldonado Teles de
Durão, Anabela Cândida Ramalho
Palavras-chave: EDUCAÇÃO
Editora: 3rd International Scientific Conference Ecological and Environmental Engineering, 28 June- 1 July, Poznan, Poland
Resumo: The profound changes that are now taking place require new ways to be in a classroom to teach and to learn. Educational communities must adapt to a new and unplanned disruptive reality and there are no doubts that teachers must be active agents for change. And more that put the effort on implementing technological and social innovations, there is a need to design them too. So, the creation of scenarios for a new sustainable world, brings to education the need to jump from knowledge made for the collaborative construction of knowledge which means taking into account contexts, different ways to learn, with the necessary time spent not only for cognitive aspects but also emotional ones bringing to teachers and students the need, but also the opportunity, to embrace the culture of social transformation. This work is a critical reflection on how important it is to prepare students culturally so they can build their own autonomy and contribute to the different fields and for a better world. The citizens of tomorrow, students today, will be culturally and technologically limited if we insist on training them for instrumental application of knowledge instead of encouraging them to incorporate knowledge into their daily cultural practices. To build a cultural sustainable and democratic society, we need to improve pedagogy, restoring dialogue and empowering people. SUBJECT KEYWORDS: Global citizenship, Dialogue, Critical Thinking, Social transformation, Integral Ecology
Descrição: Poster
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/13069
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