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Título: Connectedness and well-being in simulated nature
Autores: Pasca, Laura
Carrus, Giuseppe
Loureiro, Ana Luisa Cardoso Marques Teixeira
Navarro, Oscar
Panno, Angelo
Tapía-Follen, Cesar
Aragonés, Juan Ignacio
Palavras-chave: PSICOLOGIA
Editora: Wiley
Citação: Pasca, L., Carrus, G., Loureiro, A., Navarro, Ó., Panno, A., Tapia Follen, C., & Aragonés, J. I. (2021). Connectedness and well-being in simulated nature. Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, 1–16. https://doi.org/10.1111/aphw. 12309
Resumo: People relate to nature physically, cognitively and emotionally, and this relationship fosters their well-being. There are several types of environments that vary according to their degree of naturalness, raising the question of whether they each exert different effects on people, connectedness and well-being. In order to study the extent to which environmental connectedness and well-being are a function of viewing different types of nature, we conducted a study with 454 participants from five different countries, who viewed images on a computer screen of one of three types of environment (totally natural, quasi-natural or non-natural) and responded to a series of associated items. The results of a mediation analysis showed an indirect effect of type of environment on well-being through positive and negative affect and connectedness to nature. The corresponding ANOVAs revealed differences in the connectedness and well-being elicited by different types of environment, and in preference: totally natural and quasi-natural environments (with no differences between them) showed differences with non-natural environments. Therefore, our study results suggest the usefulness of images of natural environments in fostering people's well-being and connectedness to nature.
Descrição: Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/12512
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