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Título: GBL for Psychological Intervention Related Skills: What Challenges? What Paths?
Autores: Sousa, Carla Patrícia Gonçalves e
Fonseca, Micaela
Mansuklal, Shivani Atul
Carvalho, Jéssica
Silva, Diogo
Neves, Pedro Pinto
Luz, Filipe Costa
Salvador, Ágata
Costa, Leonor Pereira da
Oliveira, Jorge
Gamito, Pedro
Palavras-chave: PSICOLOGIA
Editora: Academic Conferences International Ltd.
Citação: Sousa, C., Fonseca, M., Mansuklal, S., Carvalho, J., Silva, D., Neves, P., ... & Gamito, P. (2021, September). GBL for Psychological Intervention Related Skills: What Challenges? What Paths?. In European Conference on Games Based Learning (pp. 656-664). Academic Conferences International Limited.
Resumo: In recent research, games have become an important reference with regards to learning skills with certain characteristics, as well as in promoting contemporary literacies. Games have similarly become highly relevant in the promotion of psychological well-being and mental health. Even considering this role in promoting learning in general, soft skills, motivation, cooperation, empathy, among others, in the field of psychological intervention, the potential of games has been much more applied to patients than to the psychologists and their professional development. The present study aims at mapping the intersection between psychological intervention related skills learning and game-based pedagogical strategies. For such purpose, a Systematic Literature Review was conducted through some of the most relevant scientific databases. The obtained sample was further selected following the PRISMA guidelines with screening and eligibility processes based on inclusion criteria, defined considering the research’s aim. Non-peer reviewed research and studies aimed at other pedagogical approaches, such as gamification, were excluded from the final sample. Papers were categorized, coded, and analysed through statistical procedures and content analysis techniques. The results contextualize games as effective and feasible tools in the professional development of psychologists and psychology graduates, simultaneously highlighting the scarcity of resources in this field and the need for more experimental and quasi experimental approaches to foster evidence-based pedagogical choices. Keywords: GBL, Psychology, Psychology Learning, Psychology Students, Mental Health Professionals, Therapists
Descrição: European Conference on Games Based Learning
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/12511
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