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Título: Delinquência juvenil em Portugal: estudo qualitativo das histórias de vida de jovens reclusos
Outros títulos: Delinquência juvenil em Portugal
Autores: Dias, Ana Rita Conde
Teixeira, Silvana Daniela Ventura
Editora: Journals Bahia Scholl of medicine and public Health
Resumo: Research on juvenile delinquency at the international level is mainly characterized by quantitative studies, trying to measure the phenomenon in terms of prevalence, to identify predictors and risk factors. Qualitative studies that attempt to understand the life experiences of young offenders are fewer and, specifically in Portugal, are even more scarce. The present study tries to fill this gap, trying to understand the life trajectories and the meaning of the experiences of the young delinquents. Thus, the life histories of nine young offenders who have committed crimes and are being detained in an educational center are analyzed. The study aims to identify the most relevant areas and life experiences of young offenders and how they are meant and experienced. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the data. The analysis resulted in the identification of five central themes: family, peer group, delinquent behaviors, school path and institutionalization/prison. The results indicate that antisocial/delinquent behavior is, in fact, one of the predominant themes in discourse, which is revealed in most cases in experiences shared with peers, such as substance use, property crimes and offenses to physical integrity. Regrets and feelings of guilt arise associated with the description of criminal behavior. It is concluded that, at the level of prevention, the relational component should be the object of attention, namely the family relations and the relationship with the peers. The school component is also important, because there is a lack of positive experiences and success in school.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/12463
ISSN: 2317-3394
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