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Título: Normative scores of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in a sample of the adult Portuguese population
Autores: Faustino, Bruno
Oliveira, Jorge
Lopes, Paulo Jorge Ferreira
Palavras-chave: HEALTHY ADULTS
Resumo: Objectives: The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) is a neuropsychological instrument that is widely used for assessment of executive functioning in both clinical and research settings. The aim of this study was to provide the normative scores for the WCST in a sample of Portuguese healthy adults. Methods: The data was collected from archival data in a total sample of 359 individuals, 149 men (41.5%, Mage1⁄438.3; SD1⁄420.3) and 210 women (58.5%, Mage1⁄452.2; SD1⁄419.4). Descriptive statis- tics were calculated to describe mean scores, standard-deviation and percentiles of the WCST indexes by gender, age and education. ANOVAs were used to explore the differences between these scores in sociodemographic variables. The normative scores were adjusted for age and educa- tional level. Results: Significant statistical differences in mean scores were found in several WCST indexes, such as, total errors, perseverations, perseverative errors and conceptual level responses regarding age and education. Percentiles for WCST indexes were stratified by age group and educa- tional level. Conclusions: Age and education are important factors explaining performance on the WCST. This is the first study focused on the development of WCST normative scores for the adult Portuguese population, which can be applied in clinical, educational and research contexts.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/12433
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