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2021“In the same storm, but not on the same boat” : children grief during the Covid-19 pandemicAlbuquerque, Sara; Santos, Ana R.
2021COVID-19 and disenfranchised griefAlbuquerque, Sara; Teixeira, Ana Margarida; Rocha, José Carlos
23-Nov-2021Is Pupil Activity Associated With the Strength of Memory Signal for Words in a Continuous Recognition Memory Paradigm?Oliveira, Jorge; Fernandes, Marta; Rosa, Pedro Joel; Gamito, Pedro
2021Assessing the Unidimensionality of Clayton’s Environmental Identity Scale Using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Bifactor Exploratory Structural Equation Modeling (bifactor-ESEM)Moreira, Paulo; Loureiro, Ana Luisa Cardoso Marques Teixeira; Inman, Richard; Olivos-Jara, Pablo
2021Environmental Action Scale: psychometric properties of the Portuguese version (Escala de Acciones Ambientales: propiedades psicométricas de la versión portuguesa)Carmona, Beatriz; Loureiro, Ana Luisa Cardoso Marques Teixeira; Aguilar-Luzón, M. Carmen
2021Virtual reality-based cognitive stimulation on people with mild to moderate dementia due to alzheimer’s disease : a randomized controlled trialOliveira, Jorge; Gamito, Pedro; Souto, Maria Teresa Soares; Dias, Ana Rita Conde; Ferreira, Maria; Corotnean, Tatiana; Fernandes, Adriano; Silva, Henrique; Neto, Teresa
2021Connectedness and well-being in simulated naturePasca, Laura; Carrus, Giuseppe; Loureiro, Ana Luisa Cardoso Marques Teixeira; Navarro, Oscar; Panno, Angelo; Tapía-Follen, Cesar; Aragonés, Juan Ignacio
19-Fev-2021“Everything Is Gonna Be Alright with Me”: The Role of Self-Compassion, Affect, and Coping in Negative Emotional Symptoms during Coronavirus QuarantineBeato, Ana; Costa, Leonor Pereira da; Nogueira, Rita Santos
2021Pupil dilation reflects the authenticity of received nonverbal vocalizationsCosme, Gonçalo; Rosa, Pedro Joel; Lima, César; Tavares, Vânia; Scott, Sophie; Chen, Sinead; Wilcockson, Thomas; Crawford, Trevor; Prata, Diana
26-Mar-2021Does caffeine matter for arousal? Affective and autonomic responses induced by caffeine in coffee intake: evidence from a double-blind tasting taskRodrigues, Fernando; Diogo, Julien; Rodrigues, Carla; Figueira, Cláudia; Rosa, Pedro Joel