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Título: Persistence of the form : the case of the urban house
Autores: Galeazzi, Nicolò
Orientadores: Santos, João Carlos Martins Lopes dos, orient.
Resumo: This research has the aim to pay specific attention to the persistence of the form, consid-ered as both an hidden and invisible figure – certainly not an evident and visible one – at the root of a building’s deep structure and a fundamental factor to pass on the memory and the identity of a population through architecture: an aspect capable of venturing beyond the succession of countless functions of an object that evolves over history. The first section introduces the concept of the persistence of form in architecture starting from the analysis about this topic conducted by two influential architects: Aldo Rossi and Carlos Martí Arís. The second part, instead, focuses on a precise structure, both formal and typological, which is the basic unit employed in historical housing clusters throughout Europe: the urban house. Examples of urban houses in different European contexts are presented in order to analyse closely the history, the evolution and the main constitutive features of this typolo¬gy. The third section aims at examining some contemporary examples which are typical of the city of Porto, where urban houses, even if preserving their peculiar shape and structure, have been renovated and therefore have changed their function, underlying the connection between the persistence of the form and the variation of activity. In the end, the project realized in Porto for the transformation of a small urban house into a hotel, located in Rua De Alexandre Herculano 289, is taken into consideration as modus operandi and result of the previous analysis, based on one fundamental and generating element, that is the conveyance of the identity and the memory of the population.
Descrição: Orientação: João Carlos dos Santos
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10437/10329
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