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2020Adaptive Non-Immersive VR Environment for Eliciting Fear of Cockroaches : a Physiology-Driven Approach Combined with 3D-TV ExposureRosa, Pedro Joel; Luz, FIlipe Costa; Junior, Roberto; Oliveira, Jorge; Morais, Diogo; Gamito, Pedro
2011Attentional orienting to biologically fear-relevant stimuli: data from eye tracking using the continual alternation flicker paradigmRosa, Pedro Joel; Gamito, Pedro; Oliveira, Jorge; Morais, Diogo; Saraiva, Tomaz
1-Jan-2019Cognitive Stimulation of Elderly Individuals with Instrumental Virtual Reality-Based Activities of Daily LifeGamito, Pedro; Oliveira, Jorge; Morais, Diogo; Coelho, Cátia; Santos, Nuno; Alves, Catarina; Galamba, Ana; Soeiro, Miguel; Brito, Rodrigo
7-Abr-2020Computerized cognitive training using virtual reality on everyday life activities for patients recovering from strokeOliveira, Jorge; Gamito, Pedro; Lopes, Beatriz; Silva, Ana Rute Tavares; Galhordas, João; Pereira, Eduarda; Ramos, Elisabete; Silva, Ana Paula Lopes da; Jorge, Áurea; Fantasia, António
2019Consolidación memoria implícita : efecto de la valencia emocional y tiempo de exposición mediante el uso de priming perceptualPolo, Javier; Castillo-Parra, Henry; Rosa, Pedro Joel; Oliveira, Jorge
Dez-2019Depression, Social Support, Executive Functioning, Functionality, and Quality of Life in Institutionalized Elderly PeopleRibeiro, Anabela; Rosa, Beatriz; Oliveira, Jorge; Lopes, Paulo Jorge Ferreira
1-Abr-2021Diagnostic precision of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in assessing cognitive deficits in substance use disordersFaustino, Bruno; Oliveira, Jorge; Lopes, Paulo Jorge Ferreira
2019The digitalization of analogue stereo photographs and the creation of the digital stereo archiveLuz, Filipe Costa; Peixoto, Rodrigo; Oliveira, Jorge
2021GBL for Psychological Intervention Related Skills: What Challenges? What Paths?Sousa, Carla Patrícia Gonçalves e; Fonseca, Micaela; Mansuklal, Shivani Atul; Carvalho, Jéssica; Silva, Diogo; Neves, Pedro Pinto; Luz, Filipe Costa; Salvador, Ágata; Costa, Leonor Pereira da; Oliveira, Jorge; Gamito, Pedro
2011Grabbing attention while reading website pages: the influence of verbal emotional cues in advertisingFerreira, Paulo Jorge Quaresma; Rita, Paulo; Morais, Diogo; Rosa, Pedro Joel; Oliveira, Jorge; Gamito, Pedro; Santos, Nuno; Soares, Fábio; Sottomayor, Catarina
2011Hemispheric asymmetries in recognition memory for negative and neutral wordsOliveira, Jorge; Gamito, Pedro; Perea, Maria; Ladera, Valentina; Morais, Diogo; Rosa, Pedro Joel; Saraiva, Tomaz
13-Fev-2018Individual Differences in Working Memory Abilities in Healthy AdultsMorais, Rui M.; Pera, M. V.; Ladera Fernández, Valentina; Oliveira, Jorge; García, Ricardo
Dez-2020Influenza : a board game design experiment on vaccinationNeves, Pedro Pinto; Luz, Filipe Costa; Vital, Eva; Oliveira, Jorge
23-Nov-2021Is Pupil Activity Associated With the Strength of Memory Signal for Words in a Continuous Recognition Memory Paradigm?Oliveira, Jorge; Fernandes, Marta; Rosa, Pedro Joel; Gamito, Pedro
1-Set-2021Metacognitive Self-Assessment Scale: psychometric properties and clinical implicationsFaustino, Bruno; Vasco, António Branco; Oliveira, Jorge; Lopes, Paulo Jorge Ferreira; Fonseca, Isabel Barahona da
12-Jul-2021Moving from VR into AR using Bio-Cybernetic Loops and Physiological Sensory Devices for Intervention on Anxiety DisordersArquissandás, Preyesse; Oliveira, Jorge; Lamas, David Ribeiro
1-Set-2020Normative scores of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test in a sample of the adult Portuguese populationFaustino, Bruno; Oliveira, Jorge; Lopes, Paulo Jorge Ferreira
7-Jun-2019Psychometric and Rash Analysis of the UCLA Loneliness Scale – 16 in a Portuguese Sample of Older AdultsFaustino, Bruno; Lopes, Paulo Jorge Ferreira; Oliveira, Jorge; Campaioli, Giulia
2021Soundspace VR: spatial navigation using sound in virtual realityFialho, Luís Miguel da Costa; Oliveira, Jorge; Filipe, André; Luz, Filipe Costa
2018Spiritual Intelligence Self-Assessment Inventory : psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of SISRI-24Antunes, Roque Rodrigues; Silva, Ana Paula Lopes da; Oliveira, Jorge