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13-Abr-2023Analyzing the attractiveness of Businesses to receive Investments for a creative and innovative transition to a circular economy: the case of the textile and fashion industrySilva, Wesley Douglas Oliveira; Fontana, Marcele Elisa; Almeida, Bianca; Marques, Pedro Carmona; Vidal, Raphaela
2022Application of Monte-Carlo Simulation towards a better understanding of Bayes´ Theorem in Engineering EducationAssis, Rui; Marques, Pedro Carmona; Vidal, Raphaela
2019Building sustainable creativity: a conceptual frameworkMarques, Pedro Carmona
29Comparing Freshman and doctoral engineering students in design: mapping with a descriptive frameworkMarques, Pedro Carmona
2019Computational Programming as a Tool in the Teaching of Electromagnetism in Engineering Courses: Improving the Notion of FieldMarques, Pedro Carmona; Nogueira, João; Alves, Ricardo Gaio
2019A descriptive framework of the design process from a dual cognitive-engineering perspectiveMarques, Pedro Carmona
2019Dissimilar Metals LaserWelding between DP1000 Steel and Aluminum Alloy 1050Marques, Pedro Carmona; Pereira, António; Cabrinha, Ana; Rocha, Fábio; Fernandes, Fábio A. O.; Sousa, Ricardo
2019Economic disposal quantity of leftovers kept in storage : a monte carlo simulation methodMarques, Pedro Carmona; Assis, R.; Vidal, R.; Santos, J. Oliveira
2019Economic disposal quantity of leftovers kept in storage: a Monte Carlo simulation methodAssis, Rui; Marques, Pedro Carmona; Santos, José Oliveira; Vidal, Raphaela
2019Integrating Innovation and Technology: A Case StudyMarques, Pedro Carmona; Silva, Arlindo; Henriques, Elsa
2019Integrating Product-Service Systems with New Business Models Definition for Manufacturing IndustriesMarques, Pedro Carmona
Fev-2021A model for fostering creativity in the product development processMarques, Pedro Carmona
2021Pulsed laser welding between DP1000 steel and aluminum alloy 1050Pereira, António B.; Cabrinha, Ana; Rocha, Fábio; Marques, Pedro Carmona; Fernandes, Fábio A. O.; Sousa, Ricardo J. Alves de
2019A Survey on Sustainable Product DevelopmentMarques, Pedro Carmona; Charmier, Maria Adília Januário; Santos, José Oliveira
2022Where are smart cities heading? A meta-review and guidelines for future researchReis, João Carlos Gonçalves dos; Marques, Pedro Alexandre; Marques, Pedro Carmona