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17-Nov-2022Improving the CS Curriculum of a Top-Down Videogames BAFachada, Nuno; de Andrade, Diogo; Serra, Pedro; Códices, Nélio; Luz, Filipe; Lopes, Phil; Fonseca, Micaela; Neves, Pedro
2017A method for detecting statistically significant differences in EEG dataFachada, Nuno; Cruz, Janir R. da; Herzog, Michael H.; Figueiredo, Patrícia; Rosa, Agostinho C.
2018micompm: A MATLAB/Octave toolbox for multivariate independent comparison of observationsFachada, Nuno; Rosa, Agostinho C.
23-Abr-2023MN-DS: A Multilabeled News Dataset for News Articles Hierarchical ClassificationPetukhova, Alina; Fachada, Nuno
2017Model-independent comparison of simulation outputFachada, Nuno; Lopes, Vitor V.; Martins, Rui C.; Rosa, Agostinho C.
2017Parallelization strategies for spatial agent-based modelsFachada, Nuno; Lopes, Vitor V.; Martins, Rui C.; Rosa, Agostinho C.
1-Dez-2023ParShift: a Python package to study order and differentiation in group conversationsSaraiva, Bruno David Ferreira; Carvalho, João P. Matos; Fachada, Nuno; Pita, Manuel Arturo Marques
2018Particle swarm and population structureFernandes, Carlos M.; Rosa, Agostinho C.; Fachada, Nuno; Laredo, Juan L. J.; Merelo, J. J.
2020Population sizing of cellular evolutionary algorithmsFernandes, Carlos M.; Fachada, Nuno; Laredo, Juan L. J.; Merelo, J. J.; Rosa, Agostinho C.
2020Procedural game level generation by joining geometry with hand-placed connectorsSilva, Rafael Castro e; Fachada, Nuno; Códices, Nélio; Andrade, Diogo de
20-Abr-2022Procedural generation of 3D maps with snappable meshesSilva, Rafael Castro e; Fachada, Nuno; Andrade, Diogo de; Códices, Nélio
26-Jun-2021PyXYZ: an educational 3D wireframe engine in PythonAndrade, Diogo de; Fachada, Nuno
24-Mar-2023A Rapid Review on the Use of Free and Open Source Technologies and Software Applied to Precision Agriculture Practicesdos Santos, Rogério P.; Fachada, Nuno; Beko, Marko; Leithardt, Valderi R. Q.
2022Retail system scenario modeling using fuzzy cognitive mapsPetukhova, Alina; Fachada, Nuno
2018Revisiting Population Structure and Particle Swarm PerformanceFernandes, Carlos M.; Fachada, Nuno; Laredo, Juan L. J.; Merelo, J. J.; Castillo, P. A.; Rosa, Agostinho C.
25-Jan-2022SimpAI: Evolutionary Heuristics for the ColorShapeLinks Board Game CompetitionFernandes, Pedro M. A.; Inácio, Pedro M. A.; Feliciano, Hugo; Fachada, Nuno
2019Steady state particle swarmFernandes, Carlos M.; Fachada, Nuno; Merelo, J. J.; Rosa, Agostinho C.
2018Teaching database concepts to video game design and development studentsFachada, Nuno
1-Jul-2022TextCL: a Python package for NLP preprocessing tasksPetukhova, Alina; Fachada, Nuno
Jun-2020Top-down Design of a CS Curriculum for a Computer Games BAFachada, Nuno; Códices, Nélio